Privacy Policy

LaserPecker Community Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy aims to explain all services provided to DIY enthusiasts when visiting or using LaserPecker CraftZone’s website or the product’s website. It covers the processing of personally identifiable information (or “personal data”) collected when you use or access LaserPecker CraftZone platform. The Policy describes what personal data to be collected, why it is collected and how it will be processed. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before use, as it is very important. You can print or download it anytime. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please stop using our services immediately.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

1. Personal Data

We collect information you provide when setting up your LaserPecker CraftZone account or by logging into a third-party account. Such personal information may include nickname of a personal account, profile picture, email address, and country of residence.

When you participate in our official events, we may collect your information of name, contract number, email address, mailing address, and posted artwork material to contact you and issue rewards. If you contact LaserPecker CraftZone, we will keep your communications logs (content of communication, email address, and contact phone number) to help resolve any possible issues you encounter. We may use your email address to notify you of our service information, such as upcoming updates and optimizations to our products and services.

2. Use of Data

When you access our applications, we will collect network connection information of your device and ask permission for the system access. The network connection information includes:

IP address, mobile network information, as well as the time and frequency of access of the devices you used. Collecting such personal data can help us provide better service to all users and to ensure operational stability and network security.

System permissions required to access services of LaserPecker CraftZone

To offer premium product experience, we shall obtain permission for system storage to facilitate user’s engraving and other features. Refusing to authorize such permission will only affect certain image engraving, but not your use of other features.

3. Purpose of Use

To better fulfill our contracts, process your requests as well as provide and maintain our services. We use the personal data collected from you to understand your experience so that we can provide, maintain, protect and improve the application and to develop new products and services.

We protect our website and customers by analyzing the account access history to screen risky behaviors that violate our terms and conditions.

We retain this personal data for internal purposes only: to contact you by email, phone, and text message; ensure that you receive information you request from LaserPecker CraftZone; to provide information about our products, services, and company, as well as news, policy changes, or other advertising and marketing information that we think may be of interest to you.

We will ask for your explicit and informed consent before using information for purposes not specified in this Privacy Policy.

4. Data Storage

LaserPecker CraftZone will only store or save your personal data when you use it or visit its relevant websites, which will be retained until you delete your account. When you delete the account, your personal data can no longer be retrieved by LaserPecker CraftZone.

5. Protection of Minors

If you are under the age of 18, you can only use the application and other services we provide with the consent of your parent or legal guardian. The application does not apply to minors. In the event that we learn that a person under the age of 18 has provided information to us, we will delete such information as soon as possible. You may contact us with clues so that we can address the matter promptly.

6. Third party services

Normally, we will not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personal data to third parties without your explicit and informed consent. We will only share your personal data with companies, organizations or individuals outside of LaserPecker Craft